Weddings are the highlight of a couple’s life, but that doesn’t mean weddings are easy. You may be overwhelmed with so many details, choices and new situations that you might find it difficult to remember what happened! This is why it is so important to find a documentary style wedding photographer you can trust.

documentary |photography | weddingA standard wedding photographer will get all the shots you expect like the ceremony and the cake cutting. However, without context, these pictures will just be moments in time that you vaguely remember. A documentary style wedding photographer will take a different, more natural, approach to capturing those key moments. These photographers stay in the background and get the behind the scenes photos. You don’t have to worry about posing and faking a smile while you are busy with something else. They will get photos of you and your guests throughout your big day, just being yourself and enjoying this wonderful time.

Once the wedding photographer has all the pictures they need, they can start to weave them into a story. The narrative starts with the preparations and carries through the entry of the families to culminate with the ceremony itself. This style of photography makes for an immersive album that will take you right back to the day, no matter how many years later you look through your photos.

The many benefits of using a documentary style of wedding photography
There are a lot of different types of photography to choose from for your wedding pictures. You can hire a wedding photographer that specializes in: formal, artistic, candid or portrait but the photo-journalistic method has always been one of the most popular.
A documentary approach to photography is:
Less disruptive – Sometimes a wedding photographer will take over a bit. You may find yourself waiting for them to get set up and take the perfect shot instead of doing the things you need to do. A documentary style is very much the opposite. These photographers want to catch people in the moment, so they tend to stay in the background.
Very natural – You can always tell if a photo is staged and when it comes time to look back and reminisce, there really aren’t any memories attached to those photos. A documentary style will catch people in the moment without any fakery. When you see those pictures, it means much more and can take you back to the moment it was taken.
Realistic – A wedding is a large, elaborate process, and it takes a lot of work. A documentary wedding photographer can capture all the important moments, big and small, as well as all the behind the scenes shenanigans that make it unforgettable.